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Beitibeitak is an online platform for short term holiday rentals and experiences, connecting homeowners with global travelers throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. At Beitibeitak we empower homeowners to embrace their local spirit of hospitality, providing visitors with a home away from home while they’re on holiday. When visitors book through Beitibeitak they get to enjoy local experiences like no other, whether on a quick getaway or an adventure of a lifetime.

Beitibeitak is created and run by a team of enthusiastic and widely-travelled locals. At Beitibeitak we use our resources to give back to the community and work hard to push the region forward by focusing on environmental and economic opportunities. We are passionate about bringing change and believe this change can only come if it starts with the people. We want the world to experience what we love most about our home countries - authentic experiences, beautiful nature, and incredible hospitality.

Whether listing a home or enjoying a holiday, Beitibeitak provides a seamless and holistic experience for all. Beitibeitak was created specially for the MENA region, ensuring simple payment systems, local assistance, and of course, an appreciation for home-grown hospitality. Beitibeitak offers cheaper and fixed-rates for homeowners and guests making it a cost-effective holiday rental platform.

At Beitibeitak we take responsibility for our region and its future and it’s important to us that our hosts and guests aren’t just an element in a business formula, but leaders and contributors working to bring to the world stage the magic and beauty of the region. By using Beitibeitak, homeowners and travelers alike will be helping us support causes including community development and environmental programs.

We recommend having a read through the rest of our FAQs for helpful information, but if this still isn’t quite what you need then jump on over to our Contact Us page.

For property listers

Yes, we sure can. But first, welcome to the Beitibeitak ecosystem! Sharing your space through Beitibeitak is an effective way to make some extra money, utilize any unused rooms in your home, or simply enjoy sharing the beauty of your home town with others. How you market your home is completely up to you and when you list your property you’ll see that we’ve provided countless ways for you to showcase your space.

Use our List My Property form to highlight all the features your property has to offer, outline any house rules you want your guests to follow, and of course, advertise your price and availability. Plus, upload photos of your choosing (but make sure they’re good quality and showcase your property clearly) to entice guests to book your property.

We’ve created a series of help videos to guide you through the listing process step-by-step. Kindly note that the videos are currently only available in Arabic.  

Beitibeitak is proud to be the first platform to offer a Sublisting feature! The Sublisting option is useful for home owners who would like to list their space as an entire home and the available rooms separately. In this case, the entire home will be the main listing and the individual rooms the sublistings. To help you manage your rooms and prevent double bookings, the calendars will be automatically synced so that when the entire home is booked the dates get blocked on the sublistings' calendars. Likewise, when one of the rooms gets booked, the dates will automatically be blocked in the calendar of the entire home

The main listing and the sublistings will be displayed as separate listings for guests; however, when a guest looks at one of the properties, they will be able to see all the properties linked to it.

To better understand subListings and learn when and how to use the feature please view the help video below. Kindly note that the video is currently only available in Arabic.

The Mirror Listing feature is best for people who own multiple rooms that are almost entirely identical, for example five bungalows on the beach or ten bunk beds in one property. By choosing to mirror list you create multiple listings that are identical to your original listing. When you create a mirror listing you will be able to make minor changes only such as the photos included and property name.

To better understand Mirror Listings and learn when and how to use the feature please view the help video below. Kindly note that the video is currently only available in Arabic.

    Beitibeitak is proud to offer competitive and convenient payment solutions to hosts.

    Hosts inside Lebnaon can choose from the below options.


    1 - Beitibeitak Visa Card:

    A Visa card delivered straight to your address for a one-time fee of $20 for two years.
    We’ll put all your Beitibeitak earnings on this card and you can use it at any POS or ATM
    in Lebanon with no additional fees.
    The $20 fee will be deducted from the first payment you receive for your property.


    2 - BoB clients:

    If you bank with the Bank of Beirut you will get your money with no bank fees or charges!


    3 - Different bank account in Lebanon:

    Have your money transferred into an account with a bank of your choice.
    Fees: $3 per transaction
    You have the option to accumulate your funds with us and transfer as a lump sum to reduce transaction fee costs.


    Hosts outside of Lebanon can get their funds transferred to the bank of their choice for a fee of $10 per transaction
    with the option to accumulate funds and transfer as a lump sum to reduce transaction fee costs.

Beitibeitak takes a booking fee of 3% before the money from the guest is transferred to your account.

When you list your property with Beitibeitak it will immediately be available to view by visitors who can then check your availability and book with a few clicks. Our booking system is automated meaning as soon as you receive a booking from a Beitibeitak guest your home’s availability will be updated. Your guests will then be asked to make payment and you’ll be notified by either SMS or email that there is a new booking before you give them your exact details such as your address. You can message your guests through Beitibeitak at any time if you have any questions.

We strongly encourage all our users to keep all communication within the platform. It is the only way for us to protect you from fraud and investigate an issue if one is to come up. You are encouraged to report a user who invites you to communicate outside the platform, which will help us protect the ecosystem and make sure all users are trusted.

The beauty of Beitibeitak is that all hosts and guests become a part of our ecosystem where transparency is key. You get to view your guests' profiles before agreeing to let them into your home, making sure that you are comfortable with who is staying over. You are also in control of your house rules and we recommend you outline clearly what is and isn’t acceptable in your home. Our friendly advice is to make sure all valuables are removed from the space you're sharing with others, and keep personal mementos like photos to a minimum.

It is entirely up to you how much or how little you want to offer as a host. All travellers are after something different when they’re on the road and all varieties of hospitality are appreciated. Our number one tip though? Let your space reflect you and what you love about the area you live in. From small touches to large gestures, Beitibeitak is all about making others feel at home in our wonderful country. Your visitors can review your home once they’ve left so make sure to read what they have to say.

You can definitely list your home on Beitibeitak while it’s listed on other platforms and easily sync your calendars to avoid double booking. However, we would like to remind you that Beitibeitak is ahead of competition when it comes to pricing. With Beitibeitak, guests pay less and hosts get more!

Absolutely. Once your guests have left your home you’ll be invited to leave a review on their profile. This helps other homeowners when preparing to welcome guests too!

We understand that life pops up sometimes but in order to keep our Beitibeitak ecosystem operating in its ideal state we do need to avoid host cancellations as often as we can. We encourage you to only cancel confirmed reservations when absolutely urgent and when doing so the following penalties will apply.

  • If cancelled by you more than 7 days before check-in, we will deduct $40 from your next payout.
  • If cancelled by you within 7 days of check-in, we will deduct $80 from your next payout.

Note that if the guest arrives to the property at the check-in time and the host is not available to receive them, a last minute cancellation fee of $100 applies.

For more information, please refer to our Host Cancellation Policy.

It’s important to us that you have a seamless and easy experience when sharing your space with others. In order to make sure everything is taken care of professionally and with your privacy in mind, we recommend you only contact your guests through the Beitibeitak website. This ensures we can help out if need be and that there are no little (or big) surprises for you along the way. We’d like to emphasise the importance of managing all your hosting business through the Beitibeitak platform to avoid any potential fraud or other issues. Unfortunately, if you have made arrangements outside of the platform we will not be able to assist.

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