Host Cancellation Policy

In order to keep our Beitibeitak ecosystem operating in its ideal state we need to avoid host cancellations as often as we can. We encourage you to only cancel confirmed reservations when absolutely urgent and when doing so the following penalties will apply.

Cancellation Fees

If for any reason a host cancels a booking up until seven days before check-in a USD40 penalty will be charged.

If for any reason a host cancels a booking within seven days of check-in a USD80 penalty will be charged.

If the host fails to greet the guest or make prior arrangements through the Beitibeitak app for access to the property a no-show charge of USD100 will apply.

In all cases the host will be required to refund the guest the full amount they have paid for the booking. The penalty amount incurred will be charged as an additional fee and deducted from their next payout.

Guest Review

If a guest has had their booking cancelled on the day of check-in they will be able to leave a review that is available to the public.

Blocked Calendar

If you cancel a booking your calendar will remain blocked and you will not be allowed to accept any further bookings during the dates of the cancelled booking.

Note, extenuating circumstances may be considered upon application. Beitibeitak reserves the right to refuse these applications on our terms without being required to provide justification to applicant.